UV2IR offers Consulting and Engineering Services in the development of one-off or small-run spectral instrument systems covering any and all spectral regions from the UV to the Short Wave Infrared.  We develop spectral systems of real-time on-line sensing for commercial and industrial (non-military) applications whether for single-point, multiplexed or full imaging based spectral systems.  

Our particular mission is to help customers arrive at a reasonable instrument solution that fits their overall system requirements. Those requirements not only cover the technical specifications of the instrument but must also include the overall cost constraints of the system especially when considering an OEM instrument design.  

We offer in-depth knowledge and expertise in overall design, which includes all aspects of the optical and spectral design of the illumination system, the spectrometer and detection system, the complete optical wave train, including the coupling to the sensing region and all aspects of data collection and real-time signal processing and system operation.  



UV2IR LLC is located in Somerville, Massachusetts at the center of one of the largest high-tech hubs in North America. Our scientists and engineers have broad expertise in industrial spectroscopy, spectral system design and real-time image processing (including chemometrics), and industrial packaging.


Telephone:   (617) 858-6328

Email:          rdd(at)uv2ir.com